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To Reduce the Shortage of Health Care Professional in India

At present there are plenty of health care challenges in India. India has high infant mortality rate and maternal mortality which is 7 times higher mortality than in USA and 3 times more than in China.

According to the WHO data right now in INDIA there is only 1 hospital bed for 1000 population as against the minimum requirement of 2.5 beds. In Europe and USA the availability is stood at 8 beds per 1000 population and in China and Brazil there are 4 beds per every 1000 population. The deficiency for India's population is right now at 3 million hospital beds, 0.4 million doctors, 0.8 million nurses and at the same tune for technicians and administrators. Dr Y V Rao Medi City is highly needed at present to fill up the deficiency by training 250 Medical Students, 300 Nursing Students, 150 Technicians and 50 Hospital Administrators per year. And these trainees will a dd into the health care professional of the national pool and we will definitely be one of the great contributors helping the nation to reduce the deficiency of health care professionals.

To produce top quality doctors and nurses

With the state of the art cutting edge technology and with a vast team of experienced doctors the system at Dr Y V Rao, Medicity is determined to produce well trained, as well as qualified, well behaved, personnel who will maintain ethical values in their clinical practice which will eventually turn into a great asset in promoting the rural health care.

To set high quality low cost Research Techniques

Research in the field of medicine is encouraged at Dr Y V Rao Medicity for the development of high quality low cost surgical operations and procedures and to control the various infections in hospital settings. This research will help not only Indians but also patients of third world countries.

Research in Drug testing and Designing

The Research is opened up Genome testing so as to know individual variations in drug efficiency in disorders like cancer, heart and brain diseases. Based on Genomic testing when drugs are selected for individual patients by improving the drug efficiency where the disease cure rates are increased.